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(ABEAT record, Milano, 2004, catalogo ABJZ 024, distr. IRD)



In this CD, Jazz blends with Poetry obtaining a result that doesn’t have precedents in Italy. A job that comes after 4 years of devotion and developments on the wake of the creativeness and the innovation of overseas works as “The Clown” by Charles Mingus or the most recent “The Lion for Real” by the poet Allen Ginsberg with musicians as Bill Frisell, Philip Glass and others, produced by Hal Willner.
The original music composed for the “JP band” by Enzo Orefice, pianist and composer very appreciated for the crystal clear purity and the essentiality of his melodies, produces delicate and sheming pieces, alternate to other passages where the rhythm is protagonist and the voice makes the phonetic aspects of the word to emerge which, in the poetries by Cipriano, reflect the construction of a “solo” with notes and syllables tied up among them, in a precise system of rules. In this way we realize a fusion between word and music without expiring in the song, neither in the theatricalism of word, but always staying in unstable balance between the “purity” of jazz and the “purity” of poetry.
The “JP band” project marks a “rarity” in the Italian jazz, revolutionizing the kind of the jazz-poetry, with a very enjoyable CD for the interplay of the harmonized and ultramodern trio Orefice-Leveratto-Fioravanti, able to capture all the tones of the poetic texts by Domenico Cipriano (recognized by public and by criticism as one of the most interesting presences of the last Italian poetry), with the fascinating and rhythmic voice of the versatile Enzo Marangelo, one of the most representative character for his research and experimentation of the Italian contemporary theatre, that blends in an impeccable way with the trio.
A CD destined to be leader of a school, in a period in which the poetry always looks for the bond with the music making curious and satisfying the taste of the refined listeners, a product attended in the least details, included the book with the poetries, equipped with the photos edited by E. Toccaceli, the Italian photographer of the great ones of Beat Generation and a lineer note by G. Rimondi, collaborator of “Musica Jazz” and currently the most important Italian researcher of Afro-american literature and the of bond between jazz and poetry.

“To the texts, that escaping themselves to the metric conventions emphasize the sound aspects of a versification rich of iterations and assonances, corresponds a quick and essential music, always careful to the changes of atmosphere, that converses with the recitative voice in a game of continuous adjournements. And it is this game that wins: allowing the spaces of individual feeling to produce themselves, which guarantee the whole holding, music not only succeeds in making itself to be listened, but in a very inusual way it also shows it wants to listen. Both because the voices are listened to themselves: the voices of the texts with the recitante and the instrumental ones, both because they involve the listener questioning the sensibility of him under the acoustic and intellectual profile.”

(From liner note by Giorgio Rimondi)

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